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BBMP Trade License Registration

1. Purpose

The BBMP Trade License is a legal document that grants permission to business entities to carry out specific commercial activities within the BBMP limits. It ensures that businesses adhere to local municipal regulations and contribute to the city's revenue.

2. Applicability

All businesses, trades, and professions operating within the BBMP limits are required to obtain a Trade License. This includes shops, factories, industries, hotels, places of entertainment, and other commercial establishments.

3. Application Process

• Businesses need to submit an application for a Trade License to the BBMP office.

• The application form can usually be obtained from the BBMP website or the local BBMP office.

• Along with the application, necessary documents such as identity proof, address proof, property ownership proof, and details of the business activity must be submitted.

4. Inspection

After receiving the application, the BBMP authorities may conduct a physical inspection of the premises to verify compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

5. Approval and Issuance

If the application and premises meet the prescribed criteria, the BBMP issues the Trade License. The license specifies the nature of the business, the address, and other relevant details.

6. Renewal

The Trade License is typically valid for a specific period, after which it needs to be renewed. Businesses must ensure timely renewal to avoid penalties or legal consequences.

7. Fee Structure

Businesses are required to pay a fee for obtaining and renewing the Trade License. The fee structure varies based on factors such as the type of business, the size of the establishment, and the nature of commercial activities.

8. Compliance

Businesses holding a BBMP Trade License must comply with the conditions and regulations specified by the BBMP. Non-compliance may lead to penalties, suspension, or revocation of the license.

9. Display of License:

It is mandatory for businesses to prominently display the BBMP Trade License at their premises. This helps in easy identification and verification by municipal authorities.

Obtaining a BBMP Trade License is a crucial step for businesses operating in Bangalore, as it ensures that they operate within the legal framework and contribute to the city's orderly development. It also facilitates revenue collection for municipal services and infrastructure development.


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