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Factory License Registration

1. Purpose

• The primary purpose of the Factory License is to regulate and ensure the working conditions, safety measures, and welfare facilities for workers employed in factories.

• It is aimed at preventing occupational hazards and promoting the overall well-being of workers.

2. Applicability

• The Factories Act applies to factories employing ten or more workers using power, or twenty or more workers without the use of power, working on any day of the preceding twelve months.

• The definition of "factory" includes premises where manufacturing processes are carried out with the aid of power or without the aid of power.

3. Application Process

• The application for a Factory License is submitted to the Chief Inspector of Factories of the respective state or union territory.

• The application typically requires details such as the name and address of the factory, details of the manufacturing processes, the number of workers, safety measures adopted, and other relevant information.

4. Site Inspection

• After receiving the application, the Inspector of Factories may conduct a site inspection to verify compliance with safety standards and the provisions of the Factories Act.

• The inspection may cover aspects such as building structure, ventilation, lighting, machinery safety, and the availability of welfare facilities.

5. Granting of License

• If the factory is found to comply with the prescribed standards and regulations, the Chief Inspector of Factories grants the Factory License.

• The license specifies conditions related to working hours, safety measures, and welfare provisions that the factory must adhere to.

6. Renewal

• The Factory License is typically valid for a specified period, after which it needs to be renewed. Renewal ensures that the factory continues to meet safety and health standards.

7. Compliance and Penalties

• Factories are required to comply with the conditions mentioned in the license and adhere to the safety provisions outlined in the Factories Act.

• Non-compliance with the Act can lead to penalties, suspension, or revocation of the Factory License.

8. Occupational Health and Safety

• The Factories Act mandates provisions for the health and safety of workers, including the provision of first aid, sanitation facilities, and measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

9. Display of License

• The Factory License must be prominently displayed within the factory premises so that it is visible to workers, authorities, and visitors.

Obtaining and maintaining a Factory License is crucial for businesses engaged in manufacturing operations in India. It ensures the well-being and safety of workers and helps create a healthy working environment within industrial establishments.


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