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PTRC (Professional Tax Registration Certificate)

Professional Tax (PT)

• Purpose: Professional tax is a tax imposed by state governments in India on individuals earning an income from their profession or employment.

• Applicability:It is applicable to individuals engaged in various professions, trades, and employments. The rates and slabs may vary across states.

PTRC (Professional Tax Registration Certificate)

• Purpose: PTRC is the initial registration certificate that businesses, employers, and professionals need to obtain from the respective state's commercial tax department.

• Applicability:Employers and businesses are required to register for PTRC, and they are responsible for deducting professional tax from the salaries of their employees.

Registration Process

Employers need to apply for PTRC with the commercial tax department of the respective state. The application process involves submitting relevant documents and details of the employees.

Frequency of Payment

• Employers deduct professional tax from employees' salaries and are required to remit it to the state government periodically.

• Individuals and professionals enrolled under PTEC are responsible for paying professional tax directly to the state government.


• Employers need to comply with the professional tax regulations, deduct the tax from employees' salaries, and submit it to the state government within the specified timeframe.

• Individuals and professionals with PTEC must ensure timely payment of professional tax to avoid penalties.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

• Non-compliance with professional tax regulations, including failure to obtain PTRC or PTEC and non-payment of professional tax, may attract penalties and legal consequences.

It's important to note that the professional tax structure and requirements may vary across states in India. Businesses and individuals should refer to the specific regulations of the state in which they operate to ensure compliance with PTRC and PTEC requirements.


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